DIY Christmas Slime Recipes 2017

The holiday season is approaching fast and we know you guys are in need of some crazy, fun, and easy slime recipes that are worthy of your Instagram feed.

Here are our favorite Christmas Slime Recipes of 2017 that everyone here at will be making this holiday season!

Santa in a Jar Slime

Let’s kick this jolly list off with this incredible diy slime in a jar, but the mason jar is decorated to look just like Santa Claus.

This super fully slime project would be great to leave on display on a shelf or on a desk.

It is very easy to make but requires a few ingredients for Santa’s outfit that you may not have hanging around the house.

Santa Claus vs. Christmas Breeze Challenge

Watch this awesome head to head challenge from MagicBoxToyz on Youtube. This video shows the two girls making their own holiday inspired slime, one is red with snowballs and the other is blue with snowflakes.

Who do you think the winner was?

6 Easy DIY Christmas Slimes

This video from Karina Garcia, a well known youtube slime creator, has some simple to follow recipes for the season. Each slime has a different color, texture, or decoration but they are all perfect!

She also shows you how to make butter slime, which is very fun to make and unique enough to show off to your friends, even if they are slime pros!

Candy Cane Slime

DIY Candy Cane slime is one of the most popular slime trends of 2017 and we can see why!

  • The colors look beautiful with the red sandwiching the white
  • It is super fluffy
  • Shinny!

*Let it* Snow Slime

This recipe is ultra realistic! Impress everyone because only YOU will know how to make snow with slime.

Just watching it makes us want to grab a cup of hot chocolate, sit by the fireplace, and….

Play with our slime of course!

Yummy Gingerbread Cookies Slime

Little Everleigh shows us how to have fun while she attempts to make the tastiest Christmas slime ever, Gingerbread cookies.

She shows you how much joy slime can bring to children!

Santa and Reindeer Slime

This video is short and to the point. She makes a very simple goo that is fluffy and hsa a baby blue color. Then cute mini Santa and reindeer figures were added to the mix.

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